EndeavourOS Holiday Surprise: net-installer

Originally published at: https://bigdaddylinux.com/endeavouros-holiday-surprise-net-installer/

The EndeavourOS project has given us a holiday surprise. Their net-installer release was made available earlier today. You can read the announcement on their blog. We have been able to solve the problems the net-installer was encountering sooner than expected, so without further ado, we are proud to present you the community development release of…


An unexpected release, especially after the news they needed more time. Great write up btw, helpfully thorough :smiley:

EndeavourOS makes for a much quicker setup than, say Archfi, let alone Arch proper. Losing some flexibility for convenience, especially when those defaults are choices most users would make anyway, is a deal I’d take all week.

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I had just installed Arch with Archfi and yes, it’s nowhere near as user-friendly as EndeavourOS. This fills a huge gap in getting a mostly stock Arch base with the DE of your choice.

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I created a follow-up video to this post at the suggestion of @franksmcb. He’s full of good ideas!

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Great video @EricAdams.

With the net-installer from EndeavourOS and with the great work being done by the Manjaro team it is really a great time to try to take a step into the Arch world.


@EricAdams thanks for taking the time for this post and the video.


I think in 2019 Manjaro was the hottest distro of the year and with the net installer, EndeavourOS might be 2020’s hottest distro. (Ubuntu 20.04 will probably be #1 but for a smaller distro Endeavour looks good).

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