Endeavour OS - Aug 3 to Aug 17

The latest challenge is Endeavour OS. This is a two week challenge between August 3 and August 17.

Be aware that this is a new distribution which is philosophical successor to the now defunct Antergos project. Given that, it will be very helpful for us as end users to provide feedback to their team.

There are some options for where to download based on what works best for your location. This post on their blog describes where they are with the project.

Feel free to discuss the challenge here. I have merged the previous discussion thread into this one so we have a single place for discussion. If you have any issues installing or otherwise please post so we can discuss and learn as a group. If you prefer real time interaction then jump on Telegram or Discord instead.

The Antergos team recently decided to stop development so a new project was formed, Endeavour OS. Endeavour OS is the successor to Antergos in terms of aiming to provide an easy way to install an Arch-based system. It provides some custom theming and packages but otherwise a mostly vanilla Arch installation.

Jason Evangelho of Forbes provides some additional information in an article he recently published.


I wish the devs at Endeavour well and one of the reasons I think we need to try it on BDLL is simply to bring recognition to their work and some press to further them along. It’s a huge undertaking and if it’s done right, it will be a big success but on the flip side of that, if this first release is not done right people may never try it again.

Nvidia fix for Endeavour OS

The Endeavour Devs were quick to responds and in this thread provide a nVidia version of the live installer ISO

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I’ve only had a brief play with it, but I like it. Fast, easy install, Xfce is fine by me and take no time to setup the way I like it. I got the Beta version.

I found one of my laptops (HP EliteBook 8470p) still had a partition with Devuan, which I enjoyed playing with for a bit but didn’y love enough to keep).

I have a script that installs a set of standard application I use - worked fast and easy, ran my normal tests to check they all wor - they did. It seens fast (maybe a touch faster than Arco? it’s hard to tell).

Anyway, it’s one I’ll be watching, I now have a top 5 distros I could live with… MX-18, Debian 10, Peppermint, Arco and now Endeavor… relegated to 6th is Sparky 5.8

I found Endeavour on twitter so I followed it, but it followed me back due to being polite, which I think is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. So I will be installing it on a Virtual Machine.

Hmmm, I’m not a fan of the tit-for-tat following, it makes me feel obliged to keep following even if my interest was only a passing one. Still, I know some people like that and see it as polite… I guess I’m just an old curmudgeon

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I saw Jason Evanghelo mention using different desktops on Endeavour. I assume he’s installing the base system and then installing a different Date at that point, correct?

Yeah, there’s nothing else than the offline installer yet.

It gives you a bare bones xfce DE - just enough to be functional


Got it. I think what I’m getting at is that, to me, the beauty of Antergos was that I could choose my DE when installing. I assume Endeavour is going to provide the same feature at some point. In the meantime, I guess you do the basic XFCE install and then add different DEs after that.

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Worth a read

Installed Endeavour on an old Lenovo G780 laptop without any issue. I am a huge fan of ArcoLinux and was anxious to see how it performed. My very favorite DE is KDE plasma and that was very easy to install on Endeavour. With WINE I ran two Windows programs that are a must for me. That too, performed equally as well as my ventures with ArcoLinux. Even imported Erik Dubois’ aliases into the .bashrc file.
Endeavour is a painless (easy) way to install Arch. Look forward to further development.

I never tried Antergos as Arch always seemed hard core but recently I’ve become more open to trying new Distroe’s it gose with starting a podcast called Distrohoppers Digest :wink: I have been playing with Endeavor in a VM for the last week and it is very good, the install was very friendly and I have managed to install all my applications I have to have for a production PC as a daily driver. Next stage is installing on real hardware for a full review on the podcast at the end of August but thoughts so far are very positive particularly from a Linux user that has always run Debian based systems for my daily driver. The wiki was full of all the information I needed to get all my software installed and working. 9/10 so far as a VM install.

I Loved Antergos, From what I heard it’s quite different to Antergos but retains alot of the philosophy, I’ve very keen to check it out.

I have thought that I would never install Arch. I’m perfectly happy with an Ubuntu based distro or one of the official Ubuntu flavors. However, when I heard on Destination Linux that Michael was involved in the project, I decided to give Endeavour a try on a beefy HP Envy that has issues like a broken hinge and cracked touch screen that a relative gave to me and my son. I’m not much of a fan of XFCE, but I will say that Endeavour’s is tastefully themed, and a pleasure to look at. I haven’t dug very deep into using the system, but first impressions were awesome. Because of the cracked touch screen, I would like to find a way to easily shut off touch support so I don’t get false touch sensing along the crack in the screen, but other than that, it has been a fun new experience. What a great job the Endeavour developers have done in such a short time frame.

This is probably more an Arch Linux question. I tried installing Mate desktop, but was really disappointed even though I included the group mate-extras. It installed Mate, but I’m used to the polish of Ubuntu Mate. The Mate installed in Endeavour was very basic, no Brisk menu, no Mate Tweaks for different and more modern layouts. Are those available in Arch or is that “polish” something unique to Ubuntu Mate and not available outside of that distro? I did a pacman search for “brisk” but nothing came up. This is the first time I’ve tried installing Mate on something other than Ubuntu Mate.

It’s in the AUR so you have to install it with yay (or another AUR helper)


It’s usually a good idea to check the Arch wiki when you want to install a DE or other “bigger” things as it usually have the info and also sometimes tips & tricks etc.

Edit: Thats yay -S brisk-menu.

That was one of the issues I had if the Brisk menue or Mate advanced Menue as available in Mint, I wouldbe a very happy Endeavor user. (typed this before I read the comment above)

Thank you @Tiedemann for your help. Having never used Arch this was very helpful. I’m kind of wondering, since the AUR is not “recommended” by the Arch devs, I wonder if there is a single Arch dev who doesn’t use the AUR for something. In the Archwiki there were a number of additional packages that are only in the AUR and I feel would make the user experience 10 times better if you were using the Mate desktop. I imagine this is true for the other desktops as well.

As far as Endeavour OS, I’m going to stick with their standard XFCE when I’m on that OS, because they have done such a beautiful job with the look and feel of XFCE that for the first time I actually like using XFCE. If I want a Mate Desktop, I stick to my tried and true Ubuntu Mate.

Once again thanks for the feed back @Tiedemann, I will keep that in mind if I want to spend more time in the Arch world.