DupliSeek is an app that helps you find duplicate images in your Images folder.

you can find it here:

Please post your ideas for improvements.


Astonishing piece of work.

Thank You :+1::+1::+1:


It’s another great example of how awesome the BDLL Community is.

We discussed the need for a piece of software to do this on yesterday’s BDLL - Europe Edition and today we have this.

Just outstanding!


I have released version v0.0.2alpha.
with Changes:

  • Image compare implemented.
  • Progress bar added.
  • Status bar added.
  • Main view scroll enabled
  • Main view Autoscale implemented

So now one can even find images that have different resolutions, file formats and compression levels.

I am considering changing the name to DupliSeek, since there is already another application with the same name and purpose online.

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DupliSeek v0.0.3beta is on its way.
We are working on packaging the various different formats (snap, deb, flatpak, rpm, aur)
Also we have fixed some HIDPI scaling issues.

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