Does Linux work on Mobile?

There is an android on play store which says that Linux also works on mobile. Can I run it on Infinix Note 10 Pro or It is all fraud and scam. Please let me know lest I get affected by any virus.

Hi John, great to see you here.
To my knowledge, I’ve not heard of a Linux distro that you can just install from the Play store. Unless you mean a terminal emulator like Termux? I use this on occasion for various tasks.
In order to get Linux such as Lineage OS, UBPorts, or /E/OS, to name but a few, you usually need to flash the ROM onto a compatible device. You can check the device compatibility from lists on the aforementioned websites of the OS themselves.
Installing random apps from Play store is a little scary, best to check the user review or do a little more research first. Good luck!