Distro Challenge Suggestions

I agree with rocco Regolith, zorinos, or netrunner (which verison debian testing or manjaro?)

It would probably be good to leave that open-ended so we get feedback on both.

Think Linux mint or LMDE would be due a visit. But have to make sure its the Cinnamon version :wink:

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We did Mint 19.1 in January but we’ll likely want to check out 19.2 when it’s released. I probably inked to it in one of these posts but in case not here is a list of all the previous challenges.

I know I have asked a few times, and you guys are probably tired of it, but I would love it if you guys could review the latest version of Drauger OS at some point. This community is the most of the feedback i get so it’s great to hear your thoughts.

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Crunchbang ++ has just been re-based onto Debian 10. Good choice for those wanting to try a super simple and clean DE with minimal overhead.


I like the idea of Silverblue actually. I’ve been toying with trying it anyway whether it comes up in a challenge or not.

And following EB’s suggestion, I’ve started playing with the English version of Astra Linux and think it would make for an interesting challenge at some point.

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I’d like to suggest Slackel and NomadBSD because these distros install to a USB drive and have persistence. I think everyone should have a USB drive with persistence since they can be used to troubleshoot or repair an OS.

Slackel is based on Slackwere with a point and click installer and GUI tools for installing software. It uses openbox instead of a desktop environment

NomadBSD is based on FreeBSD. It uses a text installer similar to Archlabs’ installer (if I recall correctly). It has GUI tools for everything and does not require reading documentation to operate it. It also uses openbox.

EDIT: NomadBSD actually has a really nice GUI installer.

As a big fan of both KDE Plasma and pacman package manager fan I would also love to see KaOS on a future distro challenge. I see it hasn’t been done yet and their latest iso released on July 1 with the latest Plasma desktop. It’s minimal and rolling and although it uses pacman they consider it independent.

Someone in the YT chat during the 7-27 BDLL suggested TinyCore

So we are going with either Clear Linux or Endeavour OS, so I will ping them on twitter and ask Endeavour if their ready

Endeavour is not so no need to ask. Still early days.

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too late

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That is not your call to make. No decision has been made yet.

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Gentoo anyone :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hey now, even with the extra week on distro challenges now… We’d run way over time! xD

BDLL becomes “How to Install Gentoo, Community Installation LIVE”


Archlabs please

Redcore Linux looks interesting.

Gentoo based distro.
"Redcore Linux targets casual Laptop/Desktop users and, to some extent, Workstation power users.

It will nicely fill any gaming, multimedia, office and internet browsing needs. Some development tools are also available.

For that reason one cannot expect to find any server application in the repository (apache, lighttpd, mysql, nginx etc.). The repository will always remain small in size, focusing on quality and performance rather than quantity."

Would like to put CondresOS up for discussion. The two brother developer team seem very helpful on their forum. thanks

Fedora Silverblue 31
GNOME 3.34 with os-tree

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