Distro Challenge Suggestions

If possible, it would be great to get a list of candidates for the weekly distro challenge ahead of time so we an discuss them here or on Telegram before the weekly stream. We discussed it a bit here. Any thoughts on what options you’d like to see as a future challenge?

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Ones that have been mentioned:


I would think that Regolith would be a very good way to introduce i3 (tiling wm) to folks in a system that is a bit easier to use to someone new to the idea.

I also think the Clear Linux would be a good idea. It’s Linux and it’s Intel and Ikey (maybe)???

Finally I think Red Hat is something we need to look at since it’s a major player in the game, you can download it here it will require you to create a developer account which is free.

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I am hearing a lot of Zorin OS and Clear Linux as of late. I am also a fan of the light weight distros so Linux Lite would be the third on this List.

I do think that @argrubbs suggestion of Silverblue is quite interesting.

If it was up to me, I would say that @kc2bez, @Zeb or @BigDaddyLinux should probably give is two (maybe 3) choices for this week’s show so we don’t go off into the weeds about all these different distros.

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Silverblue is very interesting. It has a bit of a learning and mental curve that folks would have to get past.

btw What can blue do for you? @argrubbs :cold_face:

Silverblue is currently distro that im most interested in another one that you hear a lot about is clear linux which is intel which is reportedly pleaged by spying that is apparently worse then windows if im reading correctly. Of course there is gentoo but that would be realy hard and nore of a select few would do and i think we need to at least weed out the bad here first before all that talk on saturday because that is kinda a problem.

Personaly im not that keen on tiling vms distros like regolith specaily since regolith is i3 which is hard for a newbie to tiling. If we would go tiling vm way of thinking we should first look for something easyer like qtile awsome so that would imo mean to look at b or d versions of arco which has some of the best tiling vm environments

Why not just work our way down this list? it’s sorted then for the next 7 weeks! By then someone is bound to have another list if you wanted to go that route.

Zorin OS is an OS that is very popular, one of the most known derives of Ubuntu, a little less than Linux Mint. I suggest it.

Clear Linux, seems like Mageia-its just like Fedora, the Classic OS.

Regollith just came out with a release and the past few weeks ive suggested it.

Linux Lite seems like Clear-its just like Fedora, the classic OS.

Endless OS has a desktop that is nice to try out. I like it, and im going to try to derive it.

Netrunner seems like BSD stuff, so I’ll pass.

And KaOS seems elegant, and I would love that idea. Maui Linux is a great idea also.

I think we need to add Endeavour to the list the but Zorin OS and Regolith sound good to me as well.

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As @EricAdams mentioned in a post, it is a successor to Antergos, which loosing it was a big fall in the linux community, it should be covered ASAP.

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I’m not sure Endeavour s ready for a real test. Last I checked it was a bit rough and only had XFCE available. I 100% agree that we should test it but only when it’s ready.

Per @BigDaddyLinux I’m adding Qubes OS. There is a thread about it here.

Endeavour is not going to be a full blown distro. It is just an Arch Installer…

But there’s hardly any options now and you only get a million popups from “kalu” about news you haven’t read.
You’ll have a short round of “how did it go” on the show though :wink:

I’d rather wait until the live ISO is available so there’s different desktops to install etc.

Which Distro are you refering to @Tiedemann ?

If I had to choose 3 it would be Zorin , Clear Linux and Netrunner Rolling


All fair points about endeavour

my picks would be ZorinOS, Regolith and CubesOS.

I added CubesOS in my head if you’re wondering

Ao to shorten my rant, silverblue because it is something different, clear linux(if we are not afriad of intel spying on us) but while im in favor of tiling im not sure distro with i3 is good begining or representation o and forgot yea we one day need to look at red hats os since it is kinda THE corporate distro

I’ve added the other suggestions to the list and agree with Rocco that we each have just a few in mind and can provide at least one good reason why it’s interesting and worth trying. Thanks for making suggestions!

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