Discover FOSS Blog

I mentioned on Saturday’s BDLL that I started my own blog using Hugo and Github pages. Now that I have a proper domain name working, I would like to invite the BDL community to check it out.

I’m excited to have a home on the internet to share my discoveries of FOSS. I’m using this project as a stepping stone to learn technologies that will help me with future contributions to FOSS documentation projects. The content will be focused on MX-Linux and fluxbox for a few weeks because I have been putting in some time with their documentation and community recently.

If @BigDaddyLinux is okay with it, I plan to post updates to the blog here like @CubicleNate does for his “noodlings” and other great articles that he puts on his site.


Hey brotha, that is great news!
I have always encouraged people to post their stuff on BDL and in all of the various groups like telegram and on BDLL itself. So, of course I am okay with it. Feel free to post your blog updates anytime.

How about we make your blog a topic of discussion this Saturday?

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I look forward to it too!