Did Arch "stick" for anyone?

The response to Arch was definitely mixed. I’m curious to see if anyone liked it enough to stick with it? I have been using Manjaro Plasma since last week and it’s been very good on my laptop. I know that’s kind of “cheating” but it Arch enough for me. :slight_smile:

I installed it in a 15 minute space, got Budgie installed (during the pacstrap stage thanks to it being in the repo now) and customised then deleted the VM. Test done. :smile:


I was using Salient OS before the challenge. Arch installed the Arch way. done it - see no point in doing it again where there are so many good Distro’s based on Arch.

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I’m not sure what he’s done there. He must have hacked the system or something. :smiley:

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Yes, still using it, I’m stoked because I finally figured out how to get Optimus and Bumblebee working with my nvidia card. Never could get it going with Manjaro. Keeping this installation going for a while…Gonna see if it really is only a matter of time before some update trashes it. But I’m using TimeShift to make the danger of that less likely.


great idea on backing up the system

Still using Arch on 2 systems (on hardware).

Quite like it. It’s light and quick. I also did a TimeShift backup when I first installed it. TimeShift was one of the first desktop apps I actually installed.

You mean people voluntarily move to distros other than Arch?!? Inconceivable!

BTW I run Arch…


Not many.

BTW I run Solus.

I tried Parabola open-rc edition, which is the FSF’s version of arch with only free software. The lack of documentation made the install difficult, but I still like it and plan to plan to stick with it.