Deepin 15.11 Released


Welcome to deepin 15.11 release. Compared with deepin 15.10, deepin 15.11 comes with new features - Cloud Sync in Control Center and disc burning function in Deepin File Manager. Besides, kwin window manager was fixed and optimized for better stability and compatibility, and a number of bugs were fixed. In deepin 15.11, you will enjoy smooth and better user experiences!`

New Features

dde-kwin - Getting better and better

dde-kwin is improved prominently with dozens of bug fixed, more light, beautiful and compatible.

Deepin Store - Auto recognize your region

In Deepin Store 5.3, if sign in, your region will be determined according to your Deepin ID location. Otherwise, it will be determined according to your IP address location.

Could Sync - Sync the system settings at one click

After Signing in Deepin ID in Control Center, you can sync system settings to the cloud automatically, including network settings, sound settings, mouse settings, update settings, power settings, corner settings, theme, wallpaper, launcher, and dock. You can choose to turn off the specified options or all of them. With this feature, you can move to and work on another computer seamlessly.
Note: This feature is only available for users with Deepin ID location in Mainland China at present. It will be released for users in other regions soon.

Disc burning - Write data to the disc easily

Disc burning function is now available in Deepin File Manager. When there is an optical drive, insert the CD/DVD, and right click the files to start burning right away.

Deepin Movie - Drag and drop to load subtitles

Now you can drag and drop the subtitle files to Deepin Movie, and load the subtitles directly.

Dock - Show the capacity and the remaining time

Hovering on the battery icon, you can see the tooltip showing the capacity, the remaining time or the charging time needed.

Deepin sure is beautiful, I’ll give it that