Debian Buster - July 13, 2019

Yea that gonna will be a problem like my wifi which is appearently(according to internet) to new to be in repos

Oh ok, I got ya. That is an issue for sure.

Ugh yes! This is an awesome way to do it! This way you can just link to this post in Telegram and keep it short and simple!

Someone even asked if people would swap from Ubuntu based distros, I had a chuckle.

The installer for me was great. The OS with XFCE runs like a champ. What I threw at it, worked just fine. Props out to Debian for having great Linux servers IMO.

Well you are pretty shy and don’t often mention which distro you prefer.

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Buster kde install was more straightforward than expected on Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 3 i7 5600u. Typical touchpad nonsense–had to enable mouse click emulation had no right click, middle click etc… Desktop effects had no window open/close animations (fade, glide, scale) which is fine bc they hardly ever work properly anyway in my experience. Also got some random error, “cannont connect to Fctix by DBus, is Fctix running” Not sure what that was about. I also had problems with Konsole closing unexpectedly with configuration file invalid “konsole.knsrc”. But for me the biggest deal buster (see what I did there) was that it was Plasma 5.14 which after running 5.16 on Arch and Neon seems so 2018. So in the end Buster was a bust for me. I’ll stick with Arch and Neon. In fact I already installed Neon over it on this X1 so I can get back Plasma 5.16 which is Kawesome!

Debian is for servers imho, it’ll never be a popular desktop OS.

I installed Debian 9 and upgraded to Debian 10 back when Debian 10 was Debian Testing on a Thinkpad. I had issues with xbacklight but other than that, its been on my laptop for several months. I’m very happy with it.

This is the second week of having Debian Buster w/ GNOME Wayland on my Thinkpad and so far it’s still going strong. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Would you say GNOME Wayland is stable and complete enough for daily use? Was Debian right in making it the default?

This tip came from a YouTube commentor (Greg Halverson, RHCE):

Tip Debian 10 / KDE users, if you try to use Discover for system updates, it will not work out of the box. It gives an error related to “cache access while offline”. Tracking this down, apparently Discover uses Network-manager to determine online status before running APT. If you install “network-manager-config-connectivity-debian” and reboot, it all works fine!

I did exactly that! :smiley:

I know this wasn’t directed at me, but I’ve been using GNOME with Wayland on Debian quite a bit and personally I’d say it’s not only the right choice, it’s a good choice. Wayland isn’t perfect by a long shot, and I do still have many complaints about it, but Wayland has been incredibly performant on all of my machines when it comes to normal day-to-day usage. There’s no issues with high-res video playback or even gameplay (I love Minecraft BTW) has been both fast and fluid. I haven’t had the issues with input lag or frame stutter that I once did in the past, so I most certainly approve!

There are some issues, of course. Screen and window recording softwares such as OBS don’t work properly under Wayland, (though that is being worked on) and there is the occasional issue with clipboarding from X to Wayland applications, but I’d say it’s absolutely more than good enough for the majority of users. I’d consider myself in the minority screencapping all over the place and piping 50GB media files from app to app just to get things cut and rendered. Wayland is the future, but it’s also becoming more of the now, and this is necessary as it can only improve by actually being used. (Note that Wayland itself is actually pretty much solid and 100% ready, but it’s the actual implementation of it with Mutter (and others) that causes a lot of these issues.)

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Would you say smooth Wayland performance depends on the specs of the system? Does a dedicated GPU seem to matter?

All of my systems with Intel integrated graphics do fairly well, and I’ve experienced the least amount of issues there. However, I’ve even been able to use Wayland with my Nvidia card with quite a fair deal of success. This is experiemental though, and by default, Wayland gets disabled when you install Nvidia drivers. There doesn’t seem to be any change to performance beyond what is already visible with different hardware under X for most things I do. I have noticed that window animations seem much smoother, and my shell seems to maintain a higher framerate.

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On my all Intel Thinkpad it definitely was. The one thing that had me going back to Xorg was the Shelltile extension acting a bit funky. Other than that it was a fantastic experience.


My review of Buster is out for your reading and listning pleasure, however for some reason the rss feed seems to be brocken and is not being caught in podcatchers that are subscribed to the feed

Update: I’ve fixed the Feed issue the post was breaching the 1Mb size limit for feedburner I’ve got to say in this day and age that seems a little small :smile:

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Thanks Tony

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I’m currently using Debian 10 Buster on an old HP elitebook laptop with XFCE and openbox customized on it and it works very well.

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