CubicleNate Noodlings

I have hesitated to share anything about my solo podcast. These are just my noodlings, things that are rattling around in my noggin. It is more or less a recap of things I am working on in audio form and links to whatever it is. I have a section on what is new in openSUSE and have recently started talking about computer history and in this last episode I am talking about computer generated music from 1983 and comparing it on how things have changed since. Also, PulseAudio is great. Other topics, Fusion 360, review additional thoughts and the history of the Linux client, some comments on Quick tiling in Plasma and Linux in the Kitchen. I also do a BDLL follow up, I wasn’t able to be there this weekend so I throw out my thoughts in my own echo chamber.

If you want to listen, great, if not, totally understand.

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I enjoy the Noodlings. They are short enough that I don’t get distracted (ooh, shiny thing!) and always entertaining.

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Episode 12 | Lighting the Emby Server with Kdenlive

This is a recap of my projects in audio form and some further thoughts about it. These are just the things I am thinking about.

  • AMD System from Yester-Year Parts
  • Emby Server Thoughts
  • Kdenlive 19.12
  • Linux Powered Festive Lights
  • AppImageLauncher Review
  • BDLL Followup on the Discourse
  • openSUSE Corner
  • Computer History Retrospective about Simulator Software
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You are a fantastic noodler, Nate! :upside_down_face:


You are very kind!

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You’re more than welcome to post them here Nate!

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Episode 13 | Kontact Solaar through a VPN

Another echo chamber podcast about my latest projects:

  • Kontact | Akonadi Reference
  • Solaar | Application for Logitech Unifying Receivers
  • Dell Inspiron 20 3048 SSD Upgrade
  • Windscribe VPN Service
  • BDLL Followup on FerenOS
  • openSUSE Corner
  • Computer History Retrospective about Word Processing