Cracked HP Envy 17" Touch Screen Options

Any hardware repair geeks out there in the community? I got a HP Envy with a 7th Gen Core i7 and Nvidia Geforce card and 16 Gigs of RAM. However, the original owner dropped it and broke the left hinge which popped out of the screen bezel. In my attempt to get the broken hinge piece back into the screen bezel, I cracked the Touch Screen, not the actual LCD just what I think they call the digitizer. I could care less about the touch screen, because I never use them on laptops because I don’t want my finger prints all over the screen that I’m looking at.

Laptop is awesome and runs Linux like a dream, but the cracked screen is driving me nuts. Often it registers touches along the crack while trying to use the computer. I figured out how to disable the touch screen while using Fedora Gnome on Wayland, but that method only works after getting a distro installed which can be a challenge while the screen is registering clicks.

I briefly looked at a new piece of glass or digitizer, but that looks like a $100 cost plus the need for a heat gun to slowly separate the glass from the bezel using a specific amount of heat. Not sure if I’m up for that challenge either. I’m looking for options, would any of the following be possible:

  1. Are there cheaper sources for the digitizer glass or just new glass that would fit, but not have the ability to be a touch screen since I don’t use that anyway?
  2. Can you easily just disconnect the hardware connection to the digitizer (I would still have to look at the cracks, but I wouldn’t have to fight with the false touches every time I try to install a distro?
  3. Can you force the HP Envy to only use the HDMI connector connected to an external screen, and just permanately shut off the screen in the laptop lid? (I can’t move the laptop anyway because of the broken hinge so it isn’t a big deal if I treat it just as a desktop.)
  4. Something I haven’t thought of yet???

I would say weigh up the options but often I just advise people to use an external monitor and turn it into a spare PC, but your HP sounds decent enough that it’d warrant screen replacement.

@Justin_Zobel thanks for your input. You are probably right, that it would be worth it to do the repair. I’ve never changed a piece of digitizer glass, but a year ago I had never taken a laptop completely apart to change the fan and needed to apply thermal paste for the first time, so perhaps it is worth it to expand my horizons. If I’m going to go through that trouble I should probably replace the broken hinge too.

Any suggestions for laptop parts sellers that are trustworthy and competitive on price?

I’ll weight that against buying a nice 1440p monitor.