Congratulate Dan Simmons on becoming a Lubuntu Developer!

Simon Quigley just announced that our @kc2bez has become a Lubuntu Developer.

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Please join in and give Dan a big round of applause.


Bravo @kc2bez! So glad you are part of the team. Definitely something we should talk about this week on BDLL if you will be there an are alright discussing it.


Yeah, absolutely! I hope to be there this week, I don’t think we have anything going on that would keep me away.


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Congratulations on well deserved recognition Dan!

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Dan, glad to have known you before you became famous! :wink:

Thanks Dave.

HaHaHa. Thanks Peter.

Dan this is wonderful, you helped me upgrade my production install of Lubuntu that runs the multimedia at our church every week and it works great. Happy to see you have found your place as a volunteer in the Linux community.

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Congrats Dan:sunglasses:

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Thanks Steve!

Thanks Johan!

Hi Dan, Congratulations on becoming a Lubuntu member!


Thanks Colin!

We should have brought this up and talked about it more. I’m very sorry Dan, I was precoccupied

No worries, we had a good discussion going.

Does this mean Lubuntu is closer to having a minimal install option on the installer? LOL JK… Congratz Dan

Thanks JJ

It is in the works though not for the 19.10 release. Calamares has made some advances in package selection during the install process so we are hopeful that we can implement this in the 20.04 LTS release. The installer is something I have worked on (and continue to do so), I think we have made some improvements and the upstream project is very active in development.