Computers' Upgrades(3 devices)

my planned upgrade will run me $715
Upgrade includes:

Desktop - 
16 GB Ram
300W PSU
GTX 1050 ti 4 GB 
WD Blue 1 TB SSD
Logitech C920S webcam

8 GB DDR3L-PC1600 Ram
Stickers for laptop Ultimate Pack for $24

All in One
8 GB DD3L-PC1600 Ram

What do you guys think?

Are these the final spec for RAM, if so It depend on what you use your Desktop for, My next build will be similar graphics wise and SSD size as I wouldn’t need more graphics power than that, and I have 2 x external 4Gb HDD’s for my main storage. I will probably be going AMD though for graphics, as I believe driver support in Linux is a lot better at the moment. The 300W PSU seems a little low for upgrade potential in the future, you may want to consider at least a silver or Gold 500W PSU to give you better upgrade potential particularly if you plan to upgrade the Graphics card to a more powerful one at a later date. Obviously this would be more expensive so if costs an issue and you know you can manage on 300W then look for a value Silver/Gold model that fits your budget. Same goes for Ram, If your budget and the PC will support it I would aim for as much as possible. I currently have 24Gb in my Desktop and on my main Laptops have 16Gb as I play with VM’s and it gives a good deal of head room for running them with a decent amount of virtual RAM.
If the laptop and All in One are backups and not used much for RAM intensive tasks then 8Gb should be ample otherwise budget allowing, I’d aim for 16Gb.

As I don’t know your personal use case for the PC’s this is just a personal view of what I might consider in your shoes.

PS stickers are a personal thing, I have one laptop covered in them, others are pristine. :joy:

I plan to play some games like Elder Scrolls Online on it. This will be the most powerful graphics card this desktop can handle same with PSU. Manufacturer says 16 GB is max ram but I have seen reports on Dell’s forums that says they added total of 32 gb in it. I ultimately plan to upgrade this one fully to its potential and then save up to build a full new machine in a few years.

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Sounds like some fun upgrades. Kind of neat that you are putting a little into each of your machines. Personally, I’m not a gamer of any sort, and I’m rocking 4gigs on an old Optiplex and I’m so much fun. Have a blast with your upgraded machines.

i may go with a gt 1030 instead of a gtx 1050, cheaper