Command Centers

Not sure if there is an interest in what other peoples Nerd Centers look like or not, but I am interested. So if you feel like sharing a picture of your setups please do so.

Below is my setup:


You need another poster and then it would be perfect. You gotta fill that blank spot on the wall. Are they all laptops or do you have any towers?

Edit: Never mind, I found the towers.

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4 laptops and 3 desktops. 2 Desktops are in front of the wall that you say need posters and the other is on the floor below those. White tower is Linux Mint on 4 Monitors, Black Desktop is Win10 on 2 Monitors, and a Classic Mac Pro on 2 monitors. The laptop on the right is my work machine on those 2 monitors and is Win10 as well.

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That is absolutely fantastic!

Now I will walk away in shame and not post mine because it will never compare. :cry:


I think he probably meant that blank bit of wall next to the window - it is crying out for a poster or picture, it looks lost, neglected, unloved…

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I’ve got 2 Thinkpad T520’s and an Acer Aspire 5750. Add up their ages together and they would be old enough to vote. I wish I could do tiny fonts for this.

I wish I had as many sets of hands as you do to type on that setup. I imagine you can and should give yourself several simultaneous pats on the back for all need Cres you’ve accrued since sharing that picture :joy:

Update on the NerdCave Setup. Some changes were made.


Did you use underage cat labor to set this up?

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