Clear Linux - February 15th & 22nd

It’s been a very busy week and this marks the end of our two week journey with Solus 4.1! We cover our thoughts on Solus for the past two weeks and open up a discussion about newcomers and the importance of community! You can watch the stream archive here:

You can find an audio version of tonight’s show here when it’s available:

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This week’s distro challenge is Clear Linux! Clear Linux is a rolling release Linux operating system from Intel focused on extreme optimizations, performance, and reproducibility. Please note that CPU mitigations for Spectre/Meltdown are disabled by default to ensure maximum performance. You must enable these manually if you want/need them.

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Clear Linux Homepage

Clear Linux Downloads Page

Information About Clear Linux

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Feel free to give it a shot and let us know your thoughts here in Telegram, on the BDL Discourse (, or join us next week on stream and join the show!

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There have been a number of reviews/outlooks on Clear Linux from members of the community as well! While I certainly can’t list all due to practical reasons, here’s a few to check out!

Even With A $199 Laptop, Clear Linux Can Offer Superior Performance To Fedora Or Ubuntu

The Next Ubuntu? - Clear Linux First Impressions

Clear Linux OS First Impressions

Clear Linux - A New Linux Standard?

Thanks to @Schykle


For those that want to try Clear Linux in Virtual Box or other type of VM, here is a helpful link.
Pay extra attention to EFI check box, Chipset type and hard drive size. Also has instructions on how to install the Guest Additions Image.

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Thanks Dan for the tip. The only VM software I have running is Gnome Boxes, which does not have many settings. Shall give it a try and report back.
Shall be unable to try on my regular testing hardware anyway. Despite my Alienware M15x laptop having an Intel i7 Q 740 processor, I get the following error when trying to boot from the USB:
[FAIL] FATAL: Detected Missing Required CPU Feature: Carry-less Multiplication extensions (pclmulqdq)
Also states:
Clear Linux OS requires an x86 64-bit processor which supports Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2 (Intel® SSE 4.2), and it requires a system that supports UEFI.
My testing laptop and testing PC (Dell Optiplex 755) do not support UEFI, and so are officially too old for Clear Linux OS.

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