Just though i would create a thread for all things Cinnamon, feel free to add news and share your desktops/themes/tweaks you have made to your Cinnmon desktop.


feel free to add any of the following details: ( this will help other users get sexy looking desktops also )

  • Version
  • Applets
  • Widgets
  • Theme name / links
  • Wallpaper links

I posted about Cinnamon on Ubuntu 19.04 via the embrosyn PPA. I am really enjoying it. It’s the only GTK alternative to Plasma that I find completely usable for my needs.

Cinnamon 4.0.9
Icon task manager
Workspace switcher
Weather applet
Color picker applet
Redshift GTK

Pretty much stock everything else except the Mint-X and Mint-Y themes plus Mint-Y icons. It basically looks like a very slightly tweaked version of Linux Mint.

Any screenshots? love my Linux Mint set up currently but its very close to stock, will get a screenshot up when im home

Here you go.

Beautifully simple, love it.

Can I ask how you get the Mint-Y themes on there? I was trying to get it when I installed arch with cinnamon but couldn’t work it out.


I wrote a Github gist on how I install the themes and icons. Hopefully that helps.


he rm -R usr line ? should that be rm -R user/share/themes ? surely you don’t want to delete all of usr?

nevermind, looks like when you pull that git for themes usr isnt there anymore so can be removed and just run make.

I’ve seen where it was there and wasn’t. Not sure if it was because of what point I was checking the directory. In any case, that was confusing so I removed it. Thanks for pointing that out. :+1:

Something else I did to make the system more closely resemble Mint is to switch to LightDM as the display manager. Booting up to the purple Ubuntu gdm login screen was a bit jarring.

sudo apt install lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

The system will prompt you to ask which display manager you’d like to use. Choose LightDM. After rebooting you can use LightDM GTK+ Greeter Settings to change to tweak the settings. After this you’ll have a simple, clean login screen.


Very nice.

Though i would share it here also, I have made a simple script to from you Gist.

one for installing mint-x or y or both on Arch based and one for Ubuntu based distros .

Have tested these in VMs for Ubuntu with Cinnamon and ArcoLinux with cinnamon , it doesn’t work for the Fedora 30 Cinnamon spin as the Mint-x & y come pre-installed by the look of it.

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Yes. The default appearance of Cinnamon on Fedora is outstanding. I was quite surprised when I first booted it and it looked almost exactly like I would set it up myself.

It really looks good OOTB on the Silverblue install I’m playing with.

I am building an Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix and I am planning to go by version (4.3x, compile, 4.2x, compile but too late), but normally a major version, like a 4.x release is released once a month, so August.

Compiling Cinnamon via source at can be a stress, but with time and practice you get faster-get all the packages, and the dependencies, and dependencies of that, and so on. Some packages can’t be used due to breaking others, which can be ignored although it will leave a dpkg warning.

In a few days, with plenty of self-esteem and breaks, you can hand-compile a whole Cinnamon version.

Keep in mind-its about 500 - 700 packages.

Even though I usually end up on KDE or Gnome, Cinnamon has always had a special place in my heart because it was always the happy medium between the two which had alot of settings to customize but not overwhelming you and it looks good as well

I agree 100%. Its like they looked at Plasma and GNOME, took the settings that made sense and threw the rest away. And yes, as much as I love Plasma, I will admit that GTK just looks cleaner. It must be something with font rendering and themes in general. Well, that and so much Linux software is GTK based.

Based on CBlue theme. Had to learn to edit some CSS to get the colouring, highlighting and transparencies just right.


I’ve tested both of these and they worked perfectly. Thanks for putting them together.