Big Daddy Linux - Europe Edition

Hi guys!

If I were to comeback with Big Daddy Linux Live - Europe Edition, what format would you like to see the show take?

Would you want to continue as we did in previous episodes and talk about distro challenges, obstacles, hints, tips and more?

Would you like to see the format change into more of an open discussion with an occasional visit from a guest developer from one of the leading distributions?

I’m up for suggestions, even if it were to just copy the main weekly show, but tailor it towards the European audience.

Let us know your thoughts and watch this space.


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Hi @robinjuste

I’m up for all of it. Haven’t watched that many BDLLs but prefers the topic oriented segments to general opinionated sharing of user stories.

Developer guest could be awesome. Something I’d love to learn more about from a user and citizen perspective is Nextcloud, LibreOffice and ActivityPub adaptation in public institutions.


Hm.Thats a interesting question.Maybe a combination of Nat’s - Low rent Linux and the older format,with guests when their avil…
Its always nice to be entertained and learn.

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I appreciate, Nate’s latest spin on BDL.

  • Gather the LUG (Linux User Group) together
  • Ask if you have some neat FOSS solved issue or if you are learning some new FOSS tool for work or play
  • Everyone gets a last word at the end

I also like the idea that you raise of occasionally inviting a guest developer or community leader for a FOSS project to come and answer questions about the project or give a little presentation about the project. This would be similar to the old days of LUG’s when you would have a guest presenter who would be your resident expert on the topic he or she is most familiar with.

That type of format would be great for both shows. I’m a big fan of not going back to distro reviews, but if a developer of a distro or project or app is an upcoming guest perhaps that could be announced ahead of time to give people the chance to try that distro or project or app before the show.

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