Beginning to think it's a futile effort

Rocco made me hop again just after I got Solus plasma all set up because he mentioned the work porting the elementary menu to Ubuntu budgie yesterday. So I went back to Solus budgie and decided to try to build it, when I got hung up I downloaded the Ubuntu budgie iso and installed it on a live image and although I never had as much of a problem with the default menu as Rocco it is so much better than the default, it just feels and looks like it fits so much better. Since I’m about 95+% sure that Solus won’t package I know it’s either build it from source or hop but Solus has spoiled me, especially booting, everything including arch just feels like I’m waiting for a snail to cross the road on boot up. I know this is part of Solus sometimes if you want something you have to build it from source, but this one I can’t figure out how to get all dependencies met, ticked them off one by one until it got to appstream and I can’t seem to solve it. So then I looked at the others and think there’s likely to be additional dependencies I can’t meet easily.

  • libswitchboard-2.0-dev
  • libunity-dev
  • libwingpanel-2.0-dev
    None of those seem to bring up anything in searching. So am I fighting a losing battle?

The difficulty with Solus is the limited software availability. Have you tried requesting it? They just may help you out with this or maybe even guide you in the process. I don’t know that community very well. I do know that there are several community members here that use Solus. Hopefully, one of them will hop on that will be able to help out.

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Ya, it has almost everything I use so it’s never bothered me. I didn’t request it because Josh has said before they won’t be taking anymore elementary apps, I’m not sure this qualifies but I figure it would. Either way I was getting constant lock ups, as others posted on the forum I noticed, one of the devs replied that it was a regression in the kernel. So I’ve hopped again lol.

Its funny @CubicleNate got me to hop to Salient OS with his review of it on his website :smile:

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Salient OS is a great distro, I’m glad I was able to help… but that’s not Solus… :wink:

Solus has some sort of “secret” announcment coming soon. Maybe after that they might be more responsive to your request.

@Justin_Zobel has involvement with Solus but I do not know what his status with the project is ATM.

I’ve left the Solus Project a while back.

The countdown is for Solus 4.1 release which is well and truly overdue.

@CubicleNate I don’t believe Solus has suffered from a lack of software for a LONG time, it’s something people sprouted over and over again without really telling the Solus team what software they needed.

As for Pantheon dependencies listed in OP @MikeNY you can find them here in an unofficial Solus repo maintained by a user (and somewhat myself)

You may need to compile libunity though, I don’t think that’s in either Solus or this unofficial repository.

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PS please @ me if you need me as I don’t often visit these forums. :slight_smile:

I will take the blame for this, it was totally my fault but look at that menu brotha. It is so sweet!