BDLL: Europe Edition (2020-04-11)

I’ve just finished listening to the BDLL:Europe Edition abot Q4OS. I’ve not tried this one and was looking forward to the comments from everyone, (I’ll try and catch the normal edition later too).

What I came away with was that (as said on the show) we need more info to answer the question that triggered this challenge. There was a lot of speculation and guessing but nothing concrete to help answer the initial question.

  • OK, Q4OS offer support, I can see a business would/might need that. Why were they looking at Q4OS in particular?
  • Does someone in that office/business use Q4OS (or Debian and want Debian plus help to “businessify” it) and does it have a key feature(s) they are looking for.
  • How big is that office/business (how many seats) and what is the experience level of those “seats”?
  • What usage do they need? Office application, (WP, email, calendaring, integration with other software, video conferencing) and custom applications for their business?
  • What is their IT department (1 or more people, or just an on staff geek) experience, planned training, ability to take on day to day in-house support after deployment?
  • What is their budget and is that an on-going budget or a 1-time expense?
  • Who, outside their office/business, does the software have to interact with?
  • Do they just need a “corporate” branding with a few application, or general purpose desktops/workstation?

Those question, and probably many others, are just off the top of my head and are in no particular order.

A Debian base I can understand for stability; not REL/Centos for economic reasons (and I don’t think desktop for REL/Centos anyway) and size of deployment I can understand; not Ubuntu for economic reasons I can understand and maybe also size of deployment; not Arch based I can understand (even Manjaro despite it coming closest to suitable for a stable commercial installation if their IT department is up to it).

I hope Rocco get more info from the originator of the request.

Have a few additional questions, just some basic ones

How do they want to use Q4OS, as a workstation, as s server?
Do they operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, what uptime are they expecting – percentage?
What is it replacing? Windows Server? Windows 10, …Windows xx? Another LInux distro
What IT staff do they have onsite?

I come from large corporate organizations and not so much small business, but one concern I would have large or small company is…what would their plans be if Q4OS suddenly went under, and was unable to provide security patches for the packages they have customized for Q4OS.

The other question i always have…if i have a problem at 3 AM who do i call for support?