BDLL Episode List & Show Notes

Hello BDLL Heroes!

Teaser: I’ma sneak a specific half related question in at the end.

But first of all I just want to thank you for broadcasting your hobby. I really enjoy listening to the Big Daddy Linux podcasts because of the atmosphere you all create wich eachother and because the content and technical depth fits me, your avarege Linux user, perfectly. So thanks!

Now to the point: It seems that since de Distro Challenge is no longer a Distro Challenge there is no episode list for the podcast on the website or discourse. Through the various podcast/video hosts I did however find the episode list with a short description of the topics of each episode. So far, so so good. Because I couldn’t find what I was really looking for: Show Notes.
So as a feedback I was wondering if it would be nice to have a topic per episdoe in the discourse for example? I’d imagine that the community and/or participants themselves would at least be able to drop links to things discussed and other relavant info, functionally creating some sort of Show Notes.

Or have I just not searched well enough and do Show Notes already exist somewhere?

Because (sneaking question alert!) I really was looking for the link to the git repo and/or ‘how-to’ that Dustin Krysak said he would leave during the episode about Budgie from 05-30-20. It was about his absolutely fabulous workflow to automate the setup of his new machines. Did he follow up on that? And if so, where is that link!?

Just thanks for existing! And cheers :wink:

That link was posted in the Zoom chat, but I believe it was just his dotfiles. He also pointed out Ansible’s excellent documentation. I was working through this myself with the eventual goal of publishing a tutorial of my own, but I have so far not had enough time to read everything through. :upside_down_face:

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