OK, I see I’m collecting “badges”, what can I do with them?

If I collect enough do I get a free frapuccino from StarCostaCoffee?

Is there an explanation of the badges system (not each badge - they exlain themselves when you are awarded one)?

Is there an official BDLL badge collectors album I can stick them in and bore my frieds by showing them badges when they call?

Am I really this bored on a Sunday afternoon? (yes)


Collect enough and you win the Internet! Songs will be written in your honor. You’ll be hand-fed grapes and fanned with ostrich feathers like royalty. Your name shall echo throughout the annals of history!

Seriously though, there are just something included with Discourse. The technical and somewhat dry explanation of what they are is here on the official Discourse forum. Essentially, Discourse subscribes to the gamification theory of user engagement. Do something good and get a little prize, in this case badges.

There are a bunch of default ones that I just left as-is. The only custom one I have added thus far is Great Idea which is manually awarded for contributing a great idea, either to improving the forum or community. We are free to come up with others which I assume we will do over time.

Maybe we could come up with some type of rewards or special recognition. I really haven’t thought about it and I’m not sure what Rocco’s thoughts are on it. For now they show up as part of your profile.

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It reminded me of the feature in the Audible app where you get “awards”, for listening too much, or for starting 5 or 6 books in a short time or for listening at 3 am…

I’d rather have a frapuccino than what you suggest, but hey I’ll take what I can get if it’s free.

I got the “Great Idea” one already… you may be handing that out too easy, I can’t remember having a “great idea” since I was about 5 and stuck my fingers into a wall socket and got my 1st electric shock.

Well, I guess it’s just my opinion then. :slight_smile: The post that I thought deserved the badge was the one about getting a better time option in place for BDL Europe.

I know, and it’s still wrong, but hey, thank you for trying :grinning:

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How is it wrong? Current Eastern time is 4 hours behind GMT and UTC. Am I missing something?

Yeah, UTC -4, but we’re currently on BST (UK), CEST (western Europe) or EEST (eastern Europe) - 5, 6 or 7 hours ahead your EDT.

Timezone, daylight savings, you gotta love the confusion they cause

I guess it’s not all wrong, (UTC would be better than GMT (UTC+0) is sort of our winter time.

Sorry, I’m just having one of my whimsical day, don’t mind me, I was surpised you even listened to my 1st comment.