Archman - Another easy install Arch?

Has anyone else tried Archman? I just saw on DistroWatch there’s a new Archman release out and downloaded it. I know, I’m an MX fan-boi but I’m fascinated by Arch as an alternate, non-Debian based, distro. I’ve been very happy with ArcoLinux, and quite impressed by EndeavourOS, as easy install Arch distros. Manjaro is good too, but for some reason I’ve not warmed to it as much.

Anyway, I’ve just tried the Live USB of Archman and it has a very pretty default wallpaper but it seemed to run very slow accessing the network, both to refresh the repositories and Firefox took ages to load the distro home page… much slower than I’d expect for a Live USB.

I’m going to look around my machines for one with a partition I can blow away for an install onto hardwar but thought I’d ask if anyone else has played with Archman and what they thought.

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I haven’t tried it yet, but I will now! ArchFI is pretty good as it doesn’t require its own ISO download. You just download the script with wget and then run it from within a regular Arch ISO. It works pretty well, but I think Zen is still a nicer setup for doing all the little things for you, and all within a graphical environment. Zen is also a little easier to follow. I could see some people getting lost in the ArchFI menus and forgetting a step.

I’ve committed this to memory. Such an excellent install process.

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