Anyone interested in a Linux server based BDLL type video chat?

So I’ve been talking to a couple BDLL people and wondered how many people would be interested in a BDLL type video chat session discussing Linux based sever related topics and networking topics. Something a little different then distro hopping and reviews. Maybe server based weekly challenges and other learning experiences?


This sounds like a great idea. It would be fun and helpful to have these discussions. I’m always looking for new, open source solutions to use at work. Count me in!

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I would be interested in a server & networking related gorup

However some issues I can see are time based I don’t think a weekly BDLL-type discussion would be sustainable. I could see adding an “Enterprise” sub-forum here if there is interest but I just see time being a major constraint.

Yeah I asked Erik about that too. I hear he is on vaca so maybe when he gets back.

I just want to get something going so we can share each other’s expertise and learn some new stuff.

I think it would be really cool.

That would be a great goal.

Since I’m in the middle of setting up server apps to use at home with my son on RPi’s and some old desktops we just got, I would be super interested if you would welcome questions from just a guy who wants to play with server apps at home and doesn’t do IT for a living. I would love to start with a forum channel here to kick things off.

I’m certain that you would be welcome.

Of course.

Sounds like fun! I’d be down!

In all fairness, @BigDaddyLinux doesn’t have to do EVERYTHING. :stuck_out_tongue:

@BigDaddyLinux is everywhere

T-shirt opportunity right there…maybe just slightly borrowed but still :innocent:

Weekly might be a bit much, but a once a month “Server & Networking Edition”, (like the European edition), might have some legs to it. I’d watch anyway.

I like the monthly idea. I would love to join in, it sounds like fun.

I would say it would be great but for conversation only.

Maybe in a linux server you can have Zoom hosting a conversation that will automatically let anyone join in.

Once a month sounds good to me as well. Hopefully we can start with a server based topic section on this forum.

Ask and you shall receive! Check out the Server Side category. :+1:

I would be up for such a video chat as well maybe rocco doesnt need to be the host someone else could be but its BDL community supported Chat and monthly is great idea

I’m Game, I just need a webcam for my new pc!

We are going to make this happen. I have just have to organize it.

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A great way for you o get hints and tips on setting up a home server, just find yourself a server/networking co-host :grinning: