Ansible Playbooks

Has anyone been using ansible to manage/setup their desktop/laptop systems?? Since I have several current computers (as it appears another 4 old computers that are sitting on a shelf - that I’m thinking of re-purposing for some simple servers) I was looking to try this (especially after what Dustin had talked about on BDLL a couple of months ago) so I was looking to get ideas!

I have been using Ansible for the last couple of months to do this. I typically use it to setup my workstation laptop and to build out some home server environments. What I use is not the best and I am still working on it but it works. It is nice to install the OS and just install Ansible and use one command to set everything up in a matter of minutes. Here is the link that I used to get started There are 4 parts to the guide and I would recommend at least reading through them and picking out what you want. I have a total of three different playbooks that I use; one for Fedora, one for Ubuntu based, and one for Manjaro. I also have a playbook that I use to setup my Windows machines around the house using Chocolatey and OpenSSH. If you want to see any of my playbooks that I use let me know and I can share it.


I have used ansible-pull for a couple of years and it is great. I choose to create smaller playbooks, typical for one app or system. So if I want docker i run the playbook and get all settings and tweakings to my liking. On server I added ansible-pull to cron for each playbook I ran on that server. It was working great. Now I have migrated all my server playbooks to AWX. I am happy I did the step with ansible-pull before I started with AWX, made it more easy to understand how it works.