Another Family Member On Linux

Just wanted to share something I thought was pretty cool & some thoughts.

Last school term I was helping my daughter (who is in high school) with some homework, she bought her 11" chrome book (school issued) too me so I could help, And what a terrible experience that was, sooooo sluggish & such a tiny washed out screen, I asked her “how do you get stuff done on this thing”? she replied “it’s very difficult” me being me I knew their was a better way (Linux) so after I helped her I was on a hunt for a cheap, small laptop something around the same cost as a Chromebook ($300ish aud). It took me a few weeks but I managed to stumble across a refurbished Dell Latitude 12", 4th gen i7, 8gb ram & 256gb ssd for $260 bazzinga that’s it I thought.

Got this little beast installed with Pop_OS! everything worked (of course), setup google classroom, some custom keyboard shortcuts, wallpaper etc then spent 5min going through keyboard shortcuts, work spaces and updating it…

6 weeks on and she not only is still using it, she LOVES it, she’s downloaded gimp, darktable, kdenlive & a DJ tool and she’s off exploring her possibilities and realizing her potential she even managed to get it hooked up with her organ and she says to me she doesn’t know how she got work done before.

We quite often talk about how good Linux is or how much better/safer it is than windows, but we don’t always talk about to potential positive effect it has on young people and their ability to be creative, explore opportunities and interests without to restrictions of paid priority software.

I’ve come to 2 conclusions on this.
The 1st being is that why don’t more school adopt a Linux platform, it’s able to run chrome and therefore run google classroom (office 365 too I assume?) and it has a whole bunch of free tools for kids to dip their toes in the water with coding, music, art, graphic design and more and better yet the tools are not going to discriminate based on your parents income or what school you go to.
The 2nd is this is why we need a simple Distro’s, It’s more than fine for people to nerd out (It’s really alot of fun) It’s fine to have Linux for the masses but it’s most important that we look after our youth and give them every opportunity to flourish in a world dominated by tech and Linux has every tool available to achieve that either for work or a hobby.

And in both these cases you don’t need bleeding edge hardware.

The only thing that upsets me is that I didn’t get her a Linux laptop earlier.


I did a similar thing with my neighbor, although It was his own laptop with a virus ridden windows 7 install which he asked if I could help him rescue. Short story is I showed him my Linux laptop asked him what he wanted to be able to do with his once it was working again, showed him he could do all that in Linux and he decided to give it a spin (Mint). A few weeks later and he was really happy with the laptop, he had installed Kodi and a load of plugins and was able to do as much as he was doing before. I now only deal with his PC’s if he has got given one with windows and want’s me to install the latest Mint, or if he needs the hardware sorting, I fitted a new keyboard to one machine after a slight altercation with a can of cola :joy: The short of it is as you say, he is now empowered to do things with his PC that before may have cost him money, and he doesn’t have to have the latest and not so greatest hardware to do it. I love Lenovo, Dell and Toshiba ex corporate hardware great value for money on 4-5 year old laptops and desktop PC’s that last far longer than the new consumer stuff you can by from the big Box stores.


Fantastic news AcidMonkey and Tony!!!

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I installed Linux Mint on my dads PC a little more than a year ago and he’s very happy with it. :slightly_smiling_face:
He just wanted something that works and let’s him do his browsing and whatnot, but on Windows, he always had issues with performance and viruses, so I showed him Linux on my PC and convinced him to switch. At first, he was a little scared of doing updates and I had to do them every once in a while, when I was home, but meanwhile, since he noticed that nothing major happens or breaks, he’s confident in doing them by himself. Also, he always tells me, how fast everything is, compared to Windows, even though his PC is already about 10 years old.