Acer 2in1 issue

Hi All,

I have an Acer inspire convertible (R3-N15WS) and I’m have 0 luck getting any distro to work, MX was the closest to working along with some Ubuntu flavors but in all cases the track pad is not working, I’ve tried quite of the help guides and was just wondering if anyone in the brains trust has had experience with this laptop and could recommend distros and any fixes to get a working distro :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


It looks like there might be a bios setting to switch the touchpad functionality to basic from advanced that someone else with a similar Acer needed to change. I’m assuming though that the touchpad is the only issue.

To do this, it looks like you press and 2 at start up to enter your BIOS according to some posts I’ve seen floating around. I also found a video from Acer that might be helpful for turning this off:

Thanks for that I have already tried this and it didn’t work, some deep diving on the google (duck duck go actually) I’m up to following this thread -

I’ve tried the follow these terminal commands but my limited terminal knowledge just can’t work it out (commands don’t work).

I’m guessing I need to ping the module to see if linux has picked up the controller and then check if it has been blacklisted, after that I “should” be able to un-blacklist it? in theory it’s seems worth half a shot and advice/terminal instruction would be awesome :slight_smile:

Yes everything works perfect, I had this thing sitting around and thought it would make a good little travel laptop/tablet/chromebookish alternative.

depending on the distro flavor, id recommend trying to install the synaptics package, excuse the spelling if i misspelled it. :smiley:

Ohhhh good idea or maybe the aur might have something, I’ll report back with how I go :):grinning:

Exactly what commands from that page did you try and what was the output in the terminal?
(All I saw was the Fn+F7 to enable/disable the touchpad, editing the /etc/default/grub file to add i8042.nopnp to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX= and using an editor to comment out the i2c module in the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file) Was there something else on that page that you tried that I missed (Other than the BIOS setting change)?

I’ve changed the bios to basic mode, tried the Fn + F7 thing, Edited the grub thing and managed to get into try and edit the i2c module, non have worked and with the last one their is no line in the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file that relates to anything i2c so am not sure if their is something else I need to edit.

so that’s where I’m at and as far as anything I can see on the internet I’ve tried everything.

What kernel is your system running?

Ive tried, Manjaro, PopOS, Peppermint, Elementary & Linux Mint so what ever the default kernel those are running.

try installing something in the 5.0 kernels, maybe 5.2?

I would have thought Manjaro would already be in the 5.* range.
OK, what is the exact model number of your Acer and I’ll start digging for specific hardware component solutions.

4.19 LTS is the recommended kernel in Manjaro but they have newer ones available. I’m currently using 5.2.4-1 without any issues.

Ah, my bad. But didn’t the HWE stack start with 4.18?

No idea.

I know PopOS 19.04 is 5.0 kernel, I only assumed that Manjaro would have been around the same, I’ll check again tonight when I get home from work machine currently has Solus budgie on it and still not luck so I will check that too.

Thanks for all the help so far :):grinning:

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