A trip down memory lane

Anyone remember this distro release?


Wow, it’s amazing to see some of the original Ubuntu and Gnome DNA and how it relates to the current status quo. This is a great idea for a thread, and I’m thinking we could collate any “ancient” distros we might still have to really appreciate how far we have come.
I posted these pics some time back in Telegram when I found an old boxed copy of mine of Caldera OpenLinux. I don’t recall buying it, but I guess I must have found it in some bargain bin when Win98 was bugging out, or it was something that piqued my curiosity.
However, it must not have ever worked out for me because I only “rediscovered” Linux a couple of years back. So I saved the box and popped it in a VM - which wasn’t easy to get it going.

The manual was a fascinating read.

I wish more distros nowadays would include a game to play whilst waiting for install!



I remember the name Caldera, but I think there must have been something about it that kept me away from trying it all those years ago… maybe having to pay for it :grinning:

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Ahhh, NOW I remember why I never tried it…

by Caldera Systems (now SCO Group) since 1998

Anyone remember groklaw and the whole SCO suing perople claing Linux infringed on their copyright on Unix because it contained APIs or whatever nonsense? How did that work out for them?

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I know right??? I looked them up when I found my box again, and discovered the interesting story behind the company’s history. We could be looking at such a different world had they succeeded. (BTW I’m pretty sure I paid no more than A$5 for it back in the day as a poor student :sweat_smile: - wouldn’t want to be seen as supporting those trolls…)

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I was using Caldera Linux when I got an email telling me if I didn’t stop I was going to be sued but they didn’t offer to buy your copy back.

Thanks for sharing Vince. I love hearing these stories about Linux in the early days

I miss GTK2. Ubuntu caught a lot of flak when they switched to GTK3. Gnome was a resource hog bacvk then. That was one of the reasons for Mint. They kept GTK2 & Compiz.