2020 Predictions from the BDLL Community

Share with the community your predictions for 2020 so that we can hold you to them at the end of the year to see if they came true or not. Your predictions can be around Linux or not. It can be tech based or not. Keep it family friendly!

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I have 2 predictions for 2020

  1. @BigDaddyLinux will be on a Linux Spotlight episode not as the host but as a guest.
  2. Valve will release a streaming service similar to Google Stadia.
  1. The Linux Community will grow and consolidate more in the public space driven in a large part by the BDLL Network and the Destination Linux Network.
  2. Forces will gather in response to Zeb coming to SELF and arrange for Rocco to attend OggCamp 2020.
  3. I will release at least one YouTube video.
  1. Pine64 will release the PineTime (a full, consumer ready version) with full Android support
  2. Ubuntu 20.04 will be better than 20.10 on launch
  3. Drauger OS will make it off the wait-list on Distrowatch

“Bigpod”: [
“Office will not be released for linux”,
“Cloudification of desktop”,
“cloudification of gaming”,
“i will be making more then 5 videos”



My 2020 predictions:

  1. I made this prediction in 2019 and I’ll make it now for 2020; there will be a major anti cheat breakthrough in Steam Play

  2. Stadia will explode and publishers will get on board, and Valve will announce a streaming service

  3. Pinephone will carve out a nice market niche

  4. Purism will be no more by the end of the year

  5. Pop OS 20.04 LTS will be excellent

  6. I will sink 100s of hours into Last Epoch

  1. Linux market share will hit 5%
  2. Someone will make a major play for Canonical - I’m thinking Amazon to help push their Amazon Workspaces (rather than MS, just to be different)
  3. Arch install will move even closer to resembling LFS (if it ain’t already there), but with a package manager and a worsely (?) written wiki
  4. Some Belgian linux guru will convince me to install gentoo (oof)
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  1. The Ubuntu 20.04 release will be the best yet and all downstream distros will be amazing because of it by the end of 2020.
  2. @CubicleNate will win a seat on the board of the openSUSE project.
  3. Linux will see growth due to Windows 7 EOL and Microsoft de-emphasizing the desktop. I’ve seen mention of possibly Windows becoming a subscription. If this happens I imagine many people won’t stand for it and will look for alternatives.
  4. BDL and DLN will grow and become a larger influence in the community.
  5. @Tony will install no less than 26 distros, no matter how much he likes Pop!_OS.
  6. @Dreamingwolf will realize he doesn’t like Arch after all and become a full-time Linux Mint user.
  7. @MichaelTunnell will become an avid collector of rare antique stools.

I Have 3 predictions

  1. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix will become an official Distro by the end of 2020.
  2. Rocco will no longer be on POP OS by the end of 2020.
  3. I will still be hopping at the end of 2020.

I’ll get right on that…

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  1. Canonical will not be sold

  2. Microsoft will not give us Microsoft office in any form

  3. Adobe will not give us any of their products on Linux

  4. Nvidia will not open source their driver for Linux

  5. With all of this, The Linux community will thrive regardless

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There are an awful lot of “not” words in your predictions. :crazy_face:

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1st, this is not a prediction. There have been a lot of mentions about Canonical being purchased. What about a Microsoft/Amazon/Canonical collaboration? Maybe something like Mbuntu distributed on Amazon with both open source and closed source programs, with lots and lots of spyware. It could be the new Chrome Book.