2 Weeks of Nothing But Linux

So i have decided to use Linux only for the next couple of weeks(cept for Phone use). This is going to be hard for me as I do have a Mac and Win10 Desktop as well that I like to use. I use the Win10 mostly for World of Warcraft but have not played for a bit. Well here is to learning more about Linux. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.


Good luck.

Start with a stable and well supported distro, (ask for advice but one of the Ubuntus, Peppermint, MX-19, LinuxMint or even Manjaro - I might not suggest ArcoLinux ot EndeavourOS at first, or Fedora, others may disagree).

Next, stick to the simple basics for a day or two. (browsing, email, text editing, and if you need it a bit of Office apps to adjust to the differences) unless you’ve already explored those. Do not jump right in to anything too complex (photo editing or video/media creation) until you’re comforable with the basics. Then again, maybe those are basic for you and what you need, then good luck - there are people out here who will be glad to help, (ignore any "RTFM"ers you run across, every community has a few lurking @$$h013$).

YouTube is a good place to browse, it can also be a mine of idiots so don’t trust everything in every video - again ask, you’ll soon build a list of trusted, reliable sources.

Most important, have fun, learning is fun right? even if it makes your head hurt at times (thinking does that to me anyway).

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I am using Linux Mint. Have been using it off and on for a couple of months on a desktop. I have been playing around with some CLIs and other programs as well. Since I do not really game much I figured it would be a good time to see if I can get by without Windows for a bit.


I agree with @TerryL in every way, sounds like you are already using a new user friendly distribution. As well as YouTube and the Mint forums there are some great folk here and in the Destination Linux Network Discord groups who will give you some help if they can and point you in the right direction if they can’t.
If you are already playing around in the terminal, using the ‘MAN’ pages is a great source of information so typing ‘man apt’ at the terminal prompt brings up all this information and more about the apt command

I wish I had realized how much information I could get from the man pages when I first started, so it might be worth looking at this is a link to a YouTube video from the Linux Accademy about how to use them.

best wishes for your Linux journey.


I am interested in hearing about your experience doing this.

That man page tutorial is awesome. Thanks for sharing that! I’m adding that to my new user resources lists.

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So since I am going to be Linux full time for a bit I decided I wanted to upgrade my mechanical Hard Drive to an SSD. I was able to get a 850 evo 1tb from my brother that he was not using and got linux mint installed on it and it does make a difference. Now just going through reinstalling some software etc. What is so everyday software that you all recommend for new users to Linux?

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Linux Mint comes with a very good selection of software pre-installed. What kind of software are you looking for that isn’t already there?

Just asking to see what others use and recommend.

Just do me a favor and don’t burn yourself out. The transition isn’t always easy and can take a while to migrate all your processes. If you find yourself struggling with something, try your best to make it work but if it doesn’t, use Windows or Mac to get it done and move on. I’ve seen many people just throw their hands up in frustration and walk away. It’s better to take your time and enjoy the experience than to be frustrated and hate it. Many of us still use proprietary OSes when the need arises. Hopefully, eventually, you find ways to do everything on Linux (if that’s what you want) and can move completely. :+1:

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When I first started with linux, I broke it a lot since I ran commands I found on the internet. So two things I’ve learned are to not do that, and learn how to backup and restore my system. I like clonezilla for a backup solution.

If you find yourself doing terminal stuff, cheat.sh is a nice way to get examples on how to use commands:

curl cheat.sh/rysnc

Will give you a brief description of what rsync is (another backup tool) and some examples of its use.

One last thing: I’ll echo what Eric Adams said since I think its important: Remember to have fun.

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I made a snapshot using timeshift. I also store all of my files separate from the OS as well.

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The main thing that was possibly going to keep me from using Linux full time was World of Warcraft. I was one of the original beta testers for it and have been playing since. So I did a lot of research and got it installed using Lutris. Another thing that I installed was virtualbox so that I can run distro challenges on it and test other distros out for fun. I used to have a laptop for that but the hard drive was corrupted somehow and I broke the casing when trying to remove it. Ahh well no big deal. So in conclusion, I am loving my journey in Linux thus far.


Well I had to use my Mac today so that I could backup my Iphone and Ipad. I could not get Linux to like the apple devices.

It is ok, we forgive you. :joy: Really you shouldn’t stress. It is ok to be pragmatic. As time goes on you learn about workarounds and alternatives but in the end sometimes you don’t find one. In order to truly embrace the change and not regret your switch, maintain your pragmatism. Hopefully your journey stays positive.


@kc2bez the journey has been very very positive. I am still using Linux Mint as my primary daily driver. Using my Win10 desktop to run more VBs for linux distros. Also using my mac here and there for music(bluetooth to a soundbar and sub) and to do backups of my apple devices.

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This would be a great BDLL topic when you’re done your two weeks.

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mintscreen Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 7.59.04 PM solusmatescreen


just some things I have been messing with. I played around with the new windows terminal and got screenfetch installed. I also messed around with homebrew and got neofetch installed on the mac. Messing around with Solus 4.1 mate for the distro challenge as well as Xubuntu for fun. Linux Mint is still on my main linux machine.


The 3 laptops all run Linux… PeppermintOS, Manjaro XFCE, and Xubuntu. Windows 10 machine, Linux Mint Cinnamon, and Classic MacPro are the desktops.

I’ve picked up a few things from reading everyone’s advice here. Great thread, thanks for starting it. Sounds like your fortnight has been very fruitful for you.
For me I used to feel a little self conscious asking questions as everyone seemed so much more accomplished. But then I realised there were probably plenty more like me and the questions and eventual answers benefit more than myself. So my tip would be to keep asking questions and sharing what you’ve learnt with others.

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